Social-Emotional Development

  • Children who lack social and emotional skills cannot succeed in school
  • 10% of all kindergarten children exhibit problematic behavior
  • Children who enter school lacking social and emotional competence are less likely to be
    successful by the end of the first grade (US Dept. of Education 2002)
  • Ways to improve:
    • Ensure quality early childhood programs
    • Promote family economic security
    • Deliver services aimed at socio-emotional domain

Children With Special Needs

  • Sensory integration dysfunction – Sensory integration is a neurobiological process in which the brain analyzes, interprets, and acts on sensory stimulation taken in from the environment (Ayres 2005; Hatch-Rasmussen 1995).
  • Tactile sensation – Tactile sensation is felt and processed by the nerves in the skin and experienced in the brain as touch, temperature, pleasure, pain and pressure.



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