What does it take for a child to enter school ready to learn?

Preschool and Kindergarten Collaboration

  • Open doors of communication between preschool and kindergarten teachers, directors, and elementary school principals
  • Communication of kindergarten expectations to preschools that serve as feeders to local elementary schools; collaboration on decisions of what children need to learn during the preschool years
  • Proper documentation of children’s growth and development

Parent Education/Training

  • Affordable training for parents offered by reputable agencies at convenient times (working, stay-at-home, and high need) that educates parents on how to get their children READY TO LEARN for school
  • Creation of alliances with local hospitals and businesses to spread awareness of the importance of school readiness
  • Encouragement of parents to develop a love of learning within their families
  • Access to available community resource and training guides for parents



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