School Readiness

What does it take for a child to enter school ready to learn?

Preschool and Kindergarten Collaboration
Parent Education/Training

Wired for Life: Early Childhood Education

The “Wired for Life” project is designed to increase public understanding of how critical the first five years of life are to a child’s future success, the challenges facing parents and providers, and more.

Infant Brain Development

How to help develop a child’s brain through pregnancy and infancy.

Brain Builders for Toddlers

Continuing brain-building through the toddler years.

Social-Emotional Development

Social and emotional skills are critical to success in school. Learn how to help your child develop these skills.

Emergent Literacy

Foster natural curiosity of skills through enjoyment of books, importance of positive interactions, and the critical role of literacy-rich experiences.

Activities for Young Children

Things you can do to help your child develop the physical, mental, and emotional skills that will prepare them to succeed in school.

Brain Building With Books

How to use books and reading at early ages to help prepare your child for success in school.

Early Literacy: Storytelling Tips

Early experiences with spoken and written language set the stage and are the building blocks for children to become successful readers.

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