Infant Development (0-12 months) Online Course

The Infant Development (0-12 months) course will address the development of an infant from birth to 12 months of age. Developmental milestones, sleep issues, nutrition, and other healthy development information will provide best practice strategies to those who work with infants.

How to take the Infant Development (0-12 months) Course Online

  1. Review the course materials. You can review them online, download to read on a mobile device, or print them. The course materials are in PDF format. You can find the Infant Development (0-12 months) course materials here.
  2. Study the course materials at your own pace. When you have met all learning objectives, return here to take the test.
  3. Take the online test. The test consists of ten questions, drawn directly from the course materials. Once you begin, you have 60 minutes to complete the exam. You can only take the exam once, so make sure to leave yourself time.



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