See what a training day is really like!

PEI Training Courses are hands-on sessions. Take a peak at some of the activities and comments:

« Emergent Literacy (PEI 1241)
“The information was a good refresher and stimulated new ideas.”

“I would love to attend the extended version of this training (6 hr.). The presentation was excellent.”

“Training was helpful to me personally as well as professionally.”

“The instructor made the material worth learning.”

“The trainer had great ideas and kept us engaged.”

« Parent – Child Interaction (PEI 1001)
“Just keep having more training.”

“This training (PEI 1111) would be most beneficial for management staff who often handle the final confrontations.”

“Great workshop! Would recommend to others.”

“This workshop opened my eyes to the different reasons why individuals would be resistant.”

« Ethical Issues PEI (1081)
“I liked the hands-on training material.”

“This was by far one of the best trainings I’ve attended and I’ve attended many! It was useful. Thanks!”



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